(Karen) felt the same way as Jo, I wanted to help even when I couldn't be there. I choose to sponsor a a family with three young children Facundo 8, Aylen 6 and Thiago 2. My income fluctuates so an option that I found worked for me is to just send money whenever the family needs anything instead of making monthly payments.

All financial assistance is appreciated, every little bit helps. Whether it is making a one-time donation or contributing monthly, it all goes directly to making the future for these kids a little brighter.







(Above and left) Jo with her sponsor family in 2000 and again in 2014.

(Below left and right) Karen with her sponsor family in 2000 and again in 2014.

(Jo)For Ramon, I put aside about £20 a month into an account that I have set up in London. However, it is totally up to the sponsor as to how much they to sponsor a child and it is by no means obligatory. I then transfer money over, via western union, to Silvia or Rodrigo as and when Ramon is in need. This might simply be for a new pair of shoes, some stationary for school, a birthday present etc. But any little counts and can have an enormous impact on their lives. At present, my money is going towards paying for him to have extra English lessons, as this was something that he really expressed an interest in. Ramon is one of the lucky few being sponsored at the moment. There are so many more who need help and who would thrive on extra support.


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