Our Mission:

To confront and respond to the problem of the underprivileged. We strive to transform the reality of young children and adolescents that are subjected to a high grade of social vulnerability, to better the lives of the children and their families, and to help them strive for a better future.

La Casa de Maria de La Esperanza Day Centre opened on March 20th, 2007 in the Buenos Aires suburb of Escobar where thanks to the help of many people along the way, and thanks to the people, who with their volunteer work, and much love, help more than seventy young children and adolescents who are living in extremely underprivileged conditions. The day centre serves the basic needs of the children such as food, clothing, education, hygene, health, and assistance in social services for their families. Our task is to accompany them by generating a space where they can be given much love, where they can be shown and given the tools for them to understand that even though they might be living in difficult situations, they have the ability to better their circumstances, because they deserve a dignified and happy life.


What we do:

  • The children that attend our centre participate in different activities, accompanied by the volunteers working in conjunction with professionals to offer the children the following:
  • A healthy and balanced diet.
  • Assistance in school for each individual child, valuing their potential, and evaluating their progress.
  • Follow ups with professionals who are treating children in areas such as medical and psychology.
  • Raise awareness by hosting workshops with diverse themes such as health, hygiene, and nutrition.
  • Teach reading and writing.
  • Sports workshop at a local sports facility.         

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