How you can help:

The Casa del Niño Maria de la Esperanza is financed thanks to the collaboration of people who share the same values and ideals, and who help us in a selfless manner, with much love and will power. Whilst we do not believe in volunteers having to pay to volunteer, we do rely heavily on donations, both monetary and supplies. This helps us with the day to day running of La Casita and assists us in covering all necessities.

Please see below a list of resources that we would gratefully receive:

▪Sports equipment.

▪Childrens toys, jigsaw puzzles  and board games.

▪Educational toys .

▪Numbers games, dice, dominoes etc.

▪Any English language reading material, books, magazines.

▪School equipment - pens, pencils, books (both English and Spanish), notepads, and form of stationary.

▪Craft supplies –  glitter, pipe cleaners, paint, stickers, card, child friendly scissors, tissue, face paints,  wash off tattoos.

▪Clothes, shoes, bed linen.

▪Toothbrushs, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, plasters and bandages

▪Plastic cutlery, plates, cups, any cooking utensils.         

We are also in great need of more international volunteers as they play such a fundamental role in the running of la casita. The children at la casita absolutely love it when a new volunteer arrives and make them feel so welcomed and loved.

Spanish is not an obligatory requirement although it can be beneficial. We have had many volunteers that have not spoken Spanish before and they have always found a way to communicate with children.

     Please see our sponsorship page to see how       

     you can make a difference there.

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