The School

At present, we are desperately trying to complete the construction of our secondary school which will house all the adolescents from La Casita and more!

                                     The school will be run on the ideals of its founder           

                                     Silvia, and aims to equip the children with the           t                                    tools to better their lives and the lives of their 


                                     The school will focus on academic and vocational                   

                                     training as well as learning English. Two years ago, La Casita were donated a plot of land to grow fresh produce on, most of which is given to the children and the local families. One of these vocational opportunities that the school will provide is the ability to work the farm and learn their very own trade.

As we rely soley on donations, this has been rather a lengthy process, however our dream is to complete the school by the end of this year. Not only will this provide a great education for the sets the, but it will also provide jobs for their families and opportunities for volunteers to teach if that is something that interests them.

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