Whenever anyone asks me about my experience at ‘La Casita’ I find it very hard

to put it into words. It really did change me. I was completely humbled and

shocked by the optimism that all these children exuded. Regardless of all the bad

things they might have had to experience over the course of their young lives, they

are all wonderful, kind, and loving children and I really do put this solely down to

the amazing influence that La Casita has had on them. At the end of my one

months experience there, I found it extremely hard to say goodbye. Every single

one of these children made such a powerful impact on my life and as cliché as it

might sound, it really did show me how lucky I am.

Since returning to England, I am still very much involved and and for the past 7

years I have been sponsoring a  17 year old boy named Ramon and his family.

I visit La Casita a minmum of once a  year to visit not only Ramon but all of the children that attend La Casita. I have also been very much involved in the fundraising for the building of our new school. Since I first started sponsoring Ramon, some other children have been sponsored. However, there are still so many other children that are in desperate need for that extra support. The family that run La Casita are some of the most generous and kind hearted people I have ever met. This has been Silvia’s ‘baby’ for over 10 years now and her dedication and commitment to the cause has never weakened. This has by far been the best experience of my life and continues to be more and more important to me very day that passes.  I could not recommend this experience enough!

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