Kirsty - England

It’s so tricky to put into words what an incredible experience volunteering at La Casita was. Before arriving, I’d attempted to brace myself for the hardship I would see, but really what you find is happiness. And that’s because La Casita is a haven for the children who attend it- an escape where they can play, learn, eat and feel safe.

Each day I was bowled over by how lovely the children were- both to us volunteers and one another. Having fun and playing games with the kids wasn’t exactly a big price to pay to be showered with so much affection. Together we played football, taught each other English and Spanish and made a mountain of arts & crafts. Whatever you’re doing, the children always seem just so happy to be hanging out.

I was so inspired by the children, Silvia – who founded La Casita –and the people who work there. Everybody who is part of La Casita has the most amazing attitude and every day they are making a massive difference to the lives of all the children.

Staying with Silvia, Omar and Rodrigo was a real home away from home. I’ve never been made to feel so welcome anywhere. I loved spending time with them in the evenings, being fed lots of mate, dancing around the kitchen and being invited to all their family celebrations.

For anyone thinking about going, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. You feel genuinely useful helping out, but you also get so much out of it in return.

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