Rose - England

La Casita has exciting plans for the future and I know it will go from strength to strength. However, there is always a need for more volunteers due to the nature of the work that is done. The children go to La Casita to eat, wash, try on new clothes donated by the community, work on the farm, do their homework, play, cry on someone’s shoulder and learn some English. The women who work there every day are hard pushed to do everything, although they will try, and are so grateful for people to come in and do anything they can.

I will never forget my experience here and hope to come back one day but in the meantime I strongly encourage anyone looking to learn Spanish, experience a new culture, volunteer and most of all to meet some gorgeous, inspiring children to go and spend some time at La Casita.

I spent 5 weeks volunteering at La Casita and living with the Cuevas family during my gap year. It was the longest I had ever spent away from home, the accent was strange and I was nervous but I have never felt so welcomed in all my life. In the short time I spent in Escobar I really felt like I had made a home there, in the town, with the family but more importantly with the children of La Casita. Every single one of them has lived undeservedly through pain that I couldn’t imagine but they have an unbelievable capacity to love and laugh. Every day when I arrived and left La Casita I was greeted with hugs and kisses from all the kids. This is representative of Argentina as a whole, everyone you will meet there will be a friend. Buenos Aires is an exciting, vibrant city that gets under your skin and spending time in Escobar allows you to get to know the real Argentina, away from the tourist trail.

Silvia, Rodrigo, Omar and all the incredible people who work and volunteer at this amazing place every day are so strong and good and they really do, with the help of foreign volunteers, make a phenomenal difference to the lives of the disadvantaged children living in the slums of the town.

Sometimes as a volunteer there is a worry that you’re not really helping but you only need to see the smiles on the kids’ faces and the excitement as a new volunteer arrives to see that the mere fact that someone from across the world has noticed them and flown all that way to meet them brightens their day and that feeling may stay with them forever.

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