Volunteers who organize (and pay for) their own accommodation in Buenos Aires can volunteer for free. We have had many volunteers who have found their own accomodation in the capital  (an  hours bus ride away) and in other neighbouring towns.

For those volunteers who want to stay locally we have a homestay option in La Casita's Founder's Home in Escobar:

Price:  US$ 190 per week per volunteer. This price does not include inflation rate. Nevertheless, we commit to keep the same price


If you choose to stay more than 6 weeks the cost of stay is US$400.

Payment Conditions: Regarding Argentinean regulation with money exchange –it takes too much paper work to receive the money in our bank account- we ask you to  pay this way if possible in cash.

What we offer:

Breakfast. When the volunteers wake up breakfastt will be prepared downstairs at the living room.

Dinner. After their day at La Casita, dinner will be prepared around 7.30 or 8 pm. It also depends on whether the volunteers prefer to eat early or not.

5 bed shared room of 90 m2. Three single bed and a bunked bed. The room also has a balcony where the volunteers can hang out.  A bathroom is being built at the moment


TV, Wi Fi, refrigerator and laundry service.

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