Volunteer assistance is very much appreciated at Casita and there are no fees or participation costs to volunteer with us.

Note that this is an unpaid position and volunteers must support themselves financially while working with us. We have a homestay option for volunteers who wish to stay locally (see below).

We need volunteers to help with teaching English, helping with children’s homework, playing with the children, organizing games or any other skills that could help our organization.

La Casita is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.
We prefer volunteers to work with us for 2 weeks minimum and have at least basic Spanish - although Spanish language skills are not essential. 
We have had volunteers that have not spoken Spanish before and they have always found a way to communicate with the children.

Volunteers can work with us part time, e.g. 2-3 days per week if required.

Breakfast and lunch are included Monday-Friday at La Casita

Your evenings and weekends you are free to explore Argentina. There is always something interesting to do, from local markets to famous landmarks. You stay close to home or take a weekend trip to nearby Uruguay, or travel to northern Argentina and visit Iguazu Falls, located in a rainforest bordering Argentina and Brazil.

If you would be interested in donating  to this hugely worthwhile cause which is constantly in need of financial aid, please contact the fundraising coordinator Joanna  and she can explain to you how to do so.


La Casita is  a small family run organisation and we therefore do not carry any type of insurance, or public risk. Whilst we have had no issues with safety or injury with past volunteers, we recommend that you provide your own travel insurance.

La Casita is closed for the whole of January and therefore not open for volunteers.

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